Building a Garden Pond
Watch the progress of our new wildlife pond over the year.

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Baby Frogs

Seven years ago we built a garden pond and I updated the links on the on the right as the pond developed. Included in the pages showing the progress of the pond are some photographs of frogspawn developing in a tank in 2002, and in the pond in 2004 and some more recent photos of wildlife around the pond.

Last Updated - 6th November 2009.

Building the Pond.
March 04 - Pond Frogspawn
After 1 Month: May 2001
April 2004 - Pond Tadpoles
June 2001
May 2004 - Pond Tadpoles
July 2001
June 2004 - Pond Tadpoles
August 2001
July 2004 - Baby Frogs!
September 2001
March 2007
October 2001
March 2008
December 2001
Pond Wildlife
March 02 and Frogspawn!
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April 02 and Tadpoles!
June2002 and Froglets!
July 02 - The Hedgehog
August 2002
October 2002
September 2003

Because green slimy water is what you've always dreamed of!