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August 2001.

I've put slightly larger photos on this page so that you can see how nice the pond has got so please be patient. I think you'll agree that it was really worth the work and the 300 - 400 we spent on it.

The pond went from strength to strength in August. There are now two fish fry about an inch and a half long and a big shoal of little ones. The floating plants have really taken off, along with the oxegenators. I've even had 3 lilly flowers. We have seen dragonflys this month. Sitting out late int he garden I can see the hedgehogs grubbing around the pond and bats flying overhead catching insects. One poor squirrel took an unscheduled swim when he jumped over the flower bed not realising that there was a pond there.

We did have trouble with the water going alkaline again and I had to buy some stuff to neutralise it again but apart from that it has been fine. The fish have grown like mad and the plants around the pond have grown well. I did loose one of the Shubunkins but he had never grown like the others and always looked ill.

We have finally broken up and removed some of the concrete in front. This is now going to be back filled with some of the soil that we removed to make the pond and will be turned into a cottage garden flower bed.

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