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July 2001.

July was a really good month for the pond. The hardy annuals started to flower and the pond plants were all doing well.

On the surface we now how Frogbit, fairly moss, duckweed and another floater whose name escapes me! I bought a variety of oxygenators at "Gardener's World Live" and they are all doing well along with a variety of marginals.

We've instituted "Frog Watch" in the evenings where we go out at dusk and watch the frogs leaving the pond - hopefully to eat my slugs. I even saw a hedgehog last week while doing it.

We've got more water skaters than you would believe and I've seen a couple of water boatmen under the water. Bees and other insects come to drink and we've seen a couple of dragon flys in the last week.

What has really amazed me is that he fish have bred already. There are two or three fish fry lurking around the shallows getting larger by the week. I think it is the golden rudd as the look a little like mini-golden rudd.

We have now broken the concrete in front of the pond and hopefully by the end of August I will have my cottage garden bed to start planting up in the Autumn.

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