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December 2001.

In the end it turned out that we put the cover on the pond far too early really as the leaves didn't come down properly until the end of November, partly due to a very mild October. So the cover didn't come off until well into December and I didn't really take any photos in November. We finally finished digging over the grass in November and you can just see that I have installed a row of stepping stones around the pond. I bought some plugs of ground cover plants to put all around the stones but I'm dubious about them surviving the winter damp.

These photos were taken early Boxing day morning when we had, had a little snow and the pond was well frozen. As you can see the Ice Guard is doing it's job of keeping a permanent hole in the ice and providing a refuge for any frogs stupid enough to get caught under the ice. There's not much in the way of wildlife visible in the pond but we have been invaded by the local bird population to feed on the feeders that I have put up.

The Azolla has turned out to be as tough as old boots and was virtually covering the pond again when I got the cover off. After being frozen solid several times it is finally going a pretty red colour and dying off but I imaging it will reappear next year! The pond was of course amazingly clear when I took off the cover and fished out most of the Azolla.

Once Christmas is out of the way it's really the start of the new gardening year and of course the snowdrops are just starting to appear around the tree. Once they have come there are the aconites and crocuses and then spring is just around the corner!!

I got a garden arch and a bench for Christmas (which generally had a gardening theme as I got some great gardening tools as well!). We will be able to sit by the pond and admire it next summer. Here is Chris and my father putting up the Arch which was made by my father at The Forge in Addington Village, Surrey, near the Kent/Surrey border. As previously mentioned the flower bed is now finished but I haven't had much chance to plant it up yet. I shall be doing that over the next 6 months.

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