Planted Tropical Aquarium
Setting up, planting and maintaining a tropical planted aquarium.

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Juwel Rio 240
Spot the invisible pirhana!

Late last year I bought myself an aquarium. I had no experience and it's certainly been a bit of a learning curve! Setting up the tank is shown on the Setting up the Aquarium page, and the other pages give information on planting and maturing (cycling) the aquarium, the aquarium residents and maintenance. It's worth reading Before you buy a Tropical Aquarium if you are inspired and want to have a go yourself.
This year I have just started a new project, a Corydoras Stream Biotope.

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Last Update: 1st February 2010.

Before you buy a Tropical Aquarium.
Setting up the Aquarium.
Planting the Aquarium
Maturing the Aquarium (Cycling).
The Aquarium Residents.
Maintaining the Aquarium.
New! Corydoras Stream Aquarium.
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