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Photo Policy.

My policy on the photos on these pages is that you are welcome to use them in any non-commercial publication and website as long as you email me to ask. In return I'd like a plug for the eRodent website in the article or on the site. To be honest I'm pretty easy going about commercial publications as well as long as I'm asked!

However, if you are using a photo please copy it - do not use a link to eRodent. I pay for the bandwidth to host eRodent and banwidth theft has caused the site has to be taken down in the past - once my monthly allowance has gone I cannot afford to upgrade my plan.

All of the photos on these pages have been cut down and their quality reduced so as to reduce the download time. I am happy to provide a high quality version of any of them by email if you ask. I also have a variety of other photos of the animals that I have not used. Just let me know what you want.


I am always happy to write short articles on the animals featured in these websites. Let me know what you want and I'll see what I can do. I am also happy to be interviewed about them and this website on the condition that you try not to make me look too mad!!

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