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More Degu Pictures.

RIP Willow 12/99 - 15/02/04
RIP Pumpkin 01/00 - 07/06/05

Hello - I've noticed that I am getting a lot of visits to this page which only really has cute photos of my degus as babies on it. If you want information about degus there is plenty from the Main Degu Page or have a look at my home page for information on Persian Jirds, Chinchillas, gerbils and even a garden pond site!!

Pumpkin Thinks : "If I can just make it to the food bowl whilst Willow is distracted by the wheel..."

Willow and Pumpkin.

Pumpkin indulges in her favourite pastime of eating whilst Willow attempts to get the wheel to takeoff velocity.

Wheel Rotating.

Willow proving what good climbers Degus are.

Climbing Willow.

What's going on here then?

Pumpkin Looking.

Is it something I can eat?

Pumpkin Looking Closer.

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