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The Guinea Pigs.

Here are my Guinea Pigs. They are my only non exotics, but in many ways are my favorites as they're always around to say hi and scrounge some food. The two boys came to me with ringworm which resulted in them needing antifungals and baths for 6 weeks and the whole house going into quarantine. When they reached adulthood they decided that they hated each other resulting in another trip to the vets, and having to be kept separately. Left on his own Charm got quite depressed and Smudge was bought as a friend for him. Luckily we had had both of the boys neutered to try and calm them down. This was bad advice but it had the side effect that they could have girlfriends. I would strongly recommend this for all boars - they really don't like other boars much but are very sad kept on their own. Although Truffle was more confident quite liked human company, when we were told about a female sheltie in a rescue that had been neglected and had to have all her fur clipped off to get rid of the matts we decided to take her. She was called Angel Cakes by her previous owners - she's a sweetie pie and I have nicknamed her Farrah because of her 70s haircut.

When Truffle passed away I introduced Angel to Charm and Smudge - although it took quite a while and quite a bit of patience. We had a little piggie herd in the hall for a year but sadly we have recently lost both Angel and Charm leaving poor Smudge on her own. I finally relented and adopted a little crested himalayan, originally called Arnie, who I renamed Indigo (Indy) from Rugby Rabbit Rescue. It was a bit of a game getting them in together as Smudge did not take kindly to a teenage upstart pestering her - but we got them together in the end which livened up the last 6 months of Smudge's life no end. She sadly passed away in January 2007

Since there is a lot of good information on Guinea Pigs on the web I am not going to put a lot of information on these pages. There are some good links at the bottom of the page. I have also set up a Guinea Pig Cages page with information on how to create a piggy palace for 35.

Smudge as a baby - RIP

Smudge Smudge



Truffle - R.I.P


Charm - RIP


Angel- RIP


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