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Guinea Pig Haircut

Angel, our rescue sheltie, really hates being combed. She was allowed to get tangled before we got her and the rescue had to shave off her fur on her behind. She obviously had been hurt when being combed at some time and so jumps, squeals and kicks no matter how gently you try to comb her. She also tends to sit in wet patches and have a permanently damp bottom. That and the heat last summer ment that I decided to give her a haircut - she looks a little silly but is so much happier.

Apparently you can use clippers if your piggie is laid back, but I used a pair of scissors and carefully cut one small piece at a time. The smaller the pieces the less blocky it looks. It soon grows and looks less blocky anyhow. She is very good about it and only gets a bit unhappy when I do her back end (wouldn't you?).

She'll never be a show piggie now but then she'll never have to put up with the indignity of curlers. Please remember that long fur is for the breeder's benefit not the guinea pig. Also please don't get a Sheltie or Peruvian guinea pig unless you really are willing to comb them every day and clean them out twice as often.

Even in this photo her fur at the back hadn't grown back completely.

Indoors getting a good trim in the cool of the airconditioned room.
You get a pile of fur that is bigger than the left-over guinea pig.

Like one of those wood carvings of a guinea pig.

A show pig - Angel would look like this if she had never been trimmed.

An getting her curlers put back in - show pigs live with these all round.

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