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The Gerbils.

This is simply a page about the gerbils that I have owned over the years - for information on keeping gerbils see the Gerbil Pages.

Our first Rodents where gerbils. We bought Sheridan and Garibaldi the Gerbils when we moved into our first rented house after getting married. Subsequently I joined The national gerbil society and at one of their shows the following January aquired a Burmese male gerbil and a Siamese female. This was back in the days before I understood that there are enough small animals in rescues without breeding any more. They produced two litters in quick sucession - the second one due to us not understanding that when they say that gerbils mate immediately after the birth of the litter they mean it! As a result we ended up with 13 gerbils after keeping all of the babies that we could not find homes for. All of our gerbils have now sadly passed away with the loss of Dave. Hopefully we will have room for some more in the future.

The first Burmese and Siamese Litter.

The First Litter.

Cookie decides that Squeak is in need of a good clean.

Cookie Cleaning Squeak

The group name for Gerbils is a Heap.

A heap of gerbils.

Creame inna Tube.

Creame inna tube.

Garibaldi one of our Original Gerbils.

Creame inna tube.

Rattle spent much of his old age sunbathing.

Creame inna tube.

Dave the Dark Tailed White Gerbil.

The Cage

Biscuit the Burmese Gerbil.

The Cage


The Cage

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