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Rodent Links.

To make life and updating a little bit easier I've moved all of the links except the Shopping ones on this page to aid updating. Scroll down for Chinchilla, Degus, Guinea Pig, Gerbil and Persian Jird Links. If you are looking for cages, bedding, wheels, toys/chews or other accessories to buy go to the pet shopping page which lists a number of sources which I haven't repeated here. I have put all the old links together but they are unlikely to be the best anymore as I haven't spent a lot of time on the internet recently. It's a bit sad how many great websites have gone down since last time I updated this page.

Chinchilla Links.

Here are a collection of my favourite Chinchilla links. It is possible to find a lot of information about Chins on the Internet just by doing a search on the word Chinchilla in any search engine. However not everything that you read is of high quality - many sites simply have copied "knowledge" from elsewhere which may be high quality but may also be little better than old wives tales.

The best bet for information about chinchillas is to post and read as much as possible on a forum. Take as many different views as possible and read through old threads - remember that the person that shouts loudest isn't always right, but you can always find someone who has experienced your problem before.

I've found chinchillas unlimited again - they've changed domains to This site is a UK based discussion forum that used to be very busy and great place to go to chat about chinnies, but sadly isn't as busy as it used to be.

A lot of members of the old chinchillas unlimited also post on ChinWags and ChinsRUs - I've not been on them a lot but they seem like good boards. There are other, often US based, boards but personally I'm not that keen on some of them as you can get the odd agressive poster. It's always worth trying if you have a difficult problem - although remember the vet is always the first port of call with a sick chinchilla.

If you want to read more about chinchilla dental problems the Dacross vetinary dentistry website has a wealth of information.

Save the Wild Chinchillas. Excessive hunting greatly reduced the number of wild chinchillas. Today hunting is forbidden and the animals are protected by the Convention on International Trade of Endangered Animals (CITES). Although these animals are protected, their habitat continues to be destroyed. Grazing animals, collection of wood and mining harm this endangered animals

Chinchilla Quest. - A good site where owners can share their experiences with Chinchillas that also has a UK biased links page.

Sounds Made by Chinchillas is a great German site (in English) explaining chinchilla language with example sound files.

This is a really interesting page for Moscow Zoo's Night World that contains enclosures for a range on rodents including Chinchilas, Degus and Persian Jirds.

Pet Rescue Forums - links and forums for people interested in adopting an animal or who have animals needing a home.

Chincare LogoThe Chincare Directory. "ChinCare's mission is to provide a complete and current directory to all the internet chinchilla care sites, services and resources -English language- posted across the www". Lots and lots of resources.

Degu Links.

Here are a collection of Degu links that I have found - there are more links on most of the pages listed. The information on them sometimes varies so take care to read as much as possible about the Degu care.If you are looking for toys, cages or feed try the Pet Shopping page.

If you are looking for a Degu to adopt, or a home for degus, There are some ideas on finding degus on the Degu Rescue page.

Degu Mailing Lists - there is a large collection of Degu mailing lists at Yahoo Groups. I'm personally a member of Degu_Information.

I just found this interesting page for Moscow Zoo's Night World that contains enclosures for a range on rodents including Degus, Chinchillas and Persian Jirds.

Degutopia - has lots of degu information, and you can also join the deguinformation email group from here.

Pet Rescue Forums - links and forums for people interested in adopting an animal or who have animals needing a home.

Galen's Garden - do natural pet products. The Degus and Chinchilla quite like the hedgerow herbs which is good as they won't touch fresh greenery.

Guinea Pig Links

Why not also try the Pet Shopping page for information on where to buy stuff for your pet.

Cavy Cages has loads of advice on making or buying a great home for your piggies.

Appeal: Could you offer a rescue guinea pig a new home? Please visit Guinea Pig Rehome to see guinea pigs desperately needing homes in your area. Many people just loose interest in their pets and dump them on rehoming centres which are full of beautiful piggies needing home, please rescue rather than buy from a petshop.

Treen's Pigs is mainly fun stuff like pics, animations and games,but there's an information section too with lots of useful stuff. This site also has a great page on building a cage like the ones on the Cavy Cages site with instructions and photos. Has an amazing collection of links that are well classified so that you can find any information that isn't available on the site and lists a very large number of UK rescues.

If you are thinking of breeding guinea pigs then read this page from Cavy Spirit first.

Barmy4Boars is a website dedicated to boars. It has lots of really useful information about keeping boars together and other issues specific to male guinea pigs. Worth a look even if you have female guinea pigs though! Not up at the moment but I'm leaving this link in case it comes back.

Aviary Accessories do excellent rabbit hutches although the indoor guinea pig pens on the Guinea Pig Cages page are a better idea, especially in the winter. We used to put our guinea pigs out for the summer and had one which can be seen on the Guinea Pig Cages page.

Cavy Madness. Not a UK site but this a great website with lots of information and a cavy community including a message board and pig-pals a system to pair up inexperienced owners with a pen pal for advice. I love the idea. The discussion board is my favorite guinea pig board as it is very friendly, and has many UK based members. It also has a rescues and adoptions section that often has piggies in the UK.

Galen's Garden - do an interesting range of herbs and natural pet health products.

Gorgeous Guineas - essential oil soaks and shampoos for guinea pigs with skin problems.

The Winking Cavy - a good shopping site with lots of cavy and other small rodent themed gifts. I particularly like their guinea pig rubber stamps and rodent jewellery.

Squeaky Pigs Rescue based in West Yorkshire always has piggies needing a home. This is also great site with an online shop for piggie gifts.

Pet Rescue Forums - links and forums for people interested in adopting an animal or who have animals needing a home.

Guinea Lynx Cavy Health Care Online! A medical and care guide for guinea pigs. This is the place to go for health information but remember if your guinea pig is sick then get it to the vet as soon as possible.

Cavy Rescue has guinea pigs and many other rodents up for adoption.

Gerbil and Persian Jird Links.

Here are a couple of Gerbil links that I like. Suggestions for more are always welcome.

The National Gerbil Society is the main place for UK based gerbil information.

The Gerbil Housing Page has details of a large number of different cages for gerbils.

Pet Rescue Forums - links and forums for people interested in adopting an animal or who have animals needing a home.

Information on Persian Jirds is not very common. Much of that written about the care of Shaw's Jirds and Mongolican gerbils is also appropriate to Persians with the exception of information on temperament. Persians get on very well with each other and can live in large groups.

Quite a few of these links have been found by searching for "persian jird" or "meriones persicus" in various search engines. And since I did it the vast majority of the sites I found have dissapeaerd. It's worth trying these searches yourself to see if anything new has come up although be prepared to wade through lots of animal classification sites with no additional information. If you speak dutch you can also find quite a few dutch sites as at least some of the Persian Jirds in this country were originally imported from Holland.

Here is Anne's German Persian Jird (Persische Rennmause) site. Even if you don't speak German it is still worth a visit for the great photos.

But if you do speak german why not join in at the Persian Jird Forum.

This is an interesting page for Moscow Zoo's Night World that contains enclosures for a range on rodents including Persian Jirds, Chinchillas and Degus.

A report by the WWF on the Central Persian Desert basins which are also home to the Persian Jird.

Persian Jirds (Persische Rennmause) seem to be becoming more common in Germany these days and a number of people have emailed me to ask me to link to their sites. Even if you don't speak German they are still worth a visit for the great photos.

Here is Ramona's German language site as well. She also has links to some more Persian Jird sites. I think it's about time I improved my German!

If you're feeling scientific here's an article entitled: A Study of the Taxonomy and Karyology of Meriones Persicus in Turkey.

Rabbit Links

I don't keep rabbits but just a couple of quick links that are very useful if you do.

Rabbit Rehome - if you can offer a home to an unwanted bunny please look here first.

The House Rabbit Society is an all-volunteer, non-profit organization that rescues rabbits and educates the public on rabbit care and behavior.

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